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The trash problem in India is quite appalling and as a resident, you often feel overwhelmed and helpless to make a difference. It is engrained in people’s mind that it’s ok to toss the trash out of one's homes and vehicles onto the streets. However, the daily walk from our workplaces showed sights that we just could not keep ignoring any more. We were exposed to the perils of the waste-pickers, usually children, who rummaged through the trash, the animals who fed on the litter and the degrading quality of the landscape the city once took pride in.

Our collective determination to take action about the burgeoning waste problem in the city took shape in the form of a business idea of a waste management venture and thus Ceiba Green Solutions was born. Ceiba is derived from the genus of the Indian red silk cotton tree also known as Semul or Indian kapok. It is said that the creator of the world, rested under the Semul tree after his labours were over.The for-profit social enterprise, based out of Bhubaneswar, commits to come up with plausible solutions and initiatives to deal with the growing waste problem in the city.


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